Ah, once again we enter a season not measured by the crisp fall air, turning leaves, Jack Frost or shortened daylight hours but more so by the number of stolen political signs. No matter which side of the isle your allegiance lies politicall signs with legs seem to magically walk out of yards all over the country this time of year. If you have this problem, don’t feel like you are alone. However, there is a way to find out who the culprit is with a little bit of ingenuity.

Carefully place your sign about 10 to 20 yards from a tree and use a trail camera to capture the sign bandit. There is a problem though! How to keep the robber from also stealing the trail camera. Well, we think we have the perfect solution. Use a “Mini Mount” camera mount and place your camera up high enough that the thief can’t reach the camera. With the “Mini Mount”, you can actually angle the camera to any position. That feature gives you a distinct advantage. The camera will not be noticed because it’s up high and the infrared flash can’t be seen with the naked eye. There you have it. Your sign chopped off at the knees or is it the sign bandit caught red handed.

Have a great political sign season!

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